For me, painting is like to start a new picture, to embark on an adventure. This adventure started by charcoal drawings. I continue to work of patterns that I had got the taste firstly, when I prepare to the academy, with different techniques and same adventure excitement now. Bone and muscle structure of the sequence of the human body, and difficulty of them never deterred me in the work pattern. Following this, I started to work with technics like water colours, dry pastel colours. Today it is fun for me to use many techniques.
Regarding the subjects that I worked are human bodies, tors firstly. After completion of work of pattern of hundreds of human bodies I started to deform or stylized figures.
Then I made ​​the subject “the trees” that I will examine for many years. My interest in the work of the trees in the picture provided a different perspective. I have researched modified trees in different regions. I took photos of these trees, I did charcoal drawings. I have found different meanings and I have discerned a different dynamics in their stability. Trunks of trees were compatible with the abstraction. There are features which makes it different from every one of the trees. It is the same with different expression of the people. This also helped to focus on the issue. Static structure of the trees tried to seduce me to witness history. I kept going on the subject. The issue of new series is created by "fear". The cliché that is developed with the technology and machine-dependent globalization, and the urban lifestyle has brought fears of our own creation.
The fear will continue to be the most intense feeling of our lives, from first era, to future.
In the recent years, I have focused a subject under the name of “Culture”. I have started to draw my first drawings in the direction of data that I founded by making research formation of the world and history of humanity. Cultural structures of different civilizations bring in the new issue of my paintings by reflecting developing and changing culture since the time of the formation of the world, the formation of living things, and the presence of the article. In a way, it reflects the characteristics of the country. Then I saw a new dilemmas falling. Civilizations was the subject of resonates with me.
I questioned differentiation according to each of the cultures of civilizations and cultural history of human civilizations, when I questioned man's place in nature. Patterns of use in my compositions may be the motif of carpets of different cultures; the motif of architectures, the motif of crockery. I tried to commit the chosen topic by the abstract or abstracter words . I think I'm freer with the abstract words.
It is also important the subject choosen ultimately, because the richness of the subject chosen will feed you and this rich texture allow to work a lot, to research and to uncover new works with different techniques. The art is a source that cannot be consumed by humanity since the time of cave. It can be produced by producing, and developed its scope by the time. Perhaps it is the illusion of the human brain, perhaps it is the triumph of the human brain. Although we use machines, the art is a product of feelings, instincts, intelligence of human.
My pictures can be so sad sometimes like Kafka, coloured like Van Gogh and surreal like Salvador Dalı. I can work by donning a pessimistic character like Orhan Pamuk's books. Classical music’s insatiable pleasure could awake me. My paintings’ subjects may be sometimes the gap and sometimes brutal facts of life.
To make a picture is a passion, and my work starts with this, relating the parallelism; passionately tied picture. To instill the love of picture without prejudice to young brains is to help them to be individuals with different points of view.
I am impressed by my life, any development in my country, the world's political, social, scientific developments, developments in different areas of art. I am impressed by philosophy, science, technology and cinema that are forming various theories about the future. My feelings, dreams, goals, chaos, choices, mistakes, rights namely all kinds of feeling that makes me what I am, creates my truth right that are reflected in my works.

Istanbul, 2012

Aylin Menekse has completed her primary education, secondary education and high school education in Ankara. In 1991-1995 she has completed her education in Gazi University Gazi Faculty of Education in the Department of Drawing-Art, Bunyamin BALAMIR, Cengiz SAVAS’ studios.

She has focused a subject totally new under the name of “Culture” recently.
To reflect developing and changing culture since the time of the formation of the world, the formation of living things are creating new subject of her pictures.



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The said artist is also working in a Bosphorus Art Newspaper that Bahariye Art Gallery publishes monthly about her literature passion at the column at which is an internet art newspaper with various art news and her comments.2011 The writings of the artist has been involved in a catalogue that is consisted of the writings of newspaper columnists of website,